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Is it worth it?

Why should a company invest time and money in clarifying and articulating its identity?

Companies invest in developing products, services, and in new product launches.  There are metrics that attempt to correlate the relationship between marketing investment and return on that investment.  But what about your identity – what you stand for as a company? Can we measure the value of understanding who you are as an organization?

This week, I read an article by Dan Pink on this very subject.  He focuses on purpose (only one element of a company’s identity), and he sheds light on the research of Adam Grant at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.  It’s a small study and it might not be convincing to everyone, but it demonstrates the effectiveness of employees connecting to a purpose. Studies like this begin to quantify the importance of organizational identity.  It’s a great article and worth the time.

Where have you seen a clear organizational identity make a quantifiable difference for your organization?



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