Smart Business – “Know When It’s Real”

In our first column for Smart Business, we discuss how to create a foundation to lead.

As most of us know, reality is overrated. We wish for things the way they ought to be. And our biases, of course, often push us toward a reluctance to embrace reality.

Yet, in order to be great leaders, we must develop the discipline not to let our desires and ambitions cloud our perceptions of reality. Whether defining reality is, as De Pree suggests, the first responsibility of a leader or not, we know that it is a fundamental aspect of leadership. Describing the real world well creates within others the recognition that, as leaders, we are connected to the same planet on which others live. This provides the basis for others to trust us, which is essential if we want others to follow us into daily battle.

You can download the PDF here or link to Smart Business to read the column.



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