Employees Can’t Align to a Strategy They Don’t Understand

“I used to think you guys were Stupid”

This was the comment of a 30+ year employee at one of our client’s plants.  It wasn’t until he heard the company’s strategy explained that he realized that what he was being asked to do made sense.

Our client was a new CEO who wanted to solidify the company’s direction.  In the process he and his team re-affirmed and re-committed to their unique position in the marketplace – the importance of being agile.

Of course, you can imagine the operational challenges that truly agile companies experience.  That’s where the stupid comment comes from.  The way the company ran its plants only made sense if you are trying to be agile.  It didn’t make sense if you were trying to drive efficiencies to be a low cost provider.  Once this dutiful employee heard the business context and rationale, what he was doing made perfect sense.

Our employees can’t align to a strategy they don’t understand … and some of them don’t understand because no one has engaged them in conversation about it.  So engage your employees in a conversation about your strategy.

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