About Dialect

We help you align people to your corporate identity and strategy so you can increase the value of your company and make a bigger difference for your customers.

Improving alignment enables better business results: higher margins, greater customer loyalty, and more engaged employees. And we do our work without disrupting the daily operating rhythm necessary to run your business, building on the work you’re already doing.

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“Having a common language to talk about our goals and culture and what we bring to the market helped us get in sync.”

Why Dialect?

There are several ways to answer the question, “Why Dialect?”.

First, you can read what our clients say about us

Secondly, you can note the events that are happening when our clients usually hire us.  

  • There’s a new CEO.
  • There are several new members of the C-suite.
  • You have just merged with or acquired another company.
  • It’s time for a new strategic plan or a review of your current plan.

Thirdly, here are the opportunities or issues (aka “jobs to be done”) that clients want us to help with.

  • Your employees say that they don’t understand your vision or strategy … or even know what they are.
  • You need to differentiate your organization – for the first time or in a new way.
  • You’re implementing operational changes and want to make sure everyone is on board.  
  • You’ve seen a decline in employee engagement.
  • You want to change aspects of your culture. 
  • Your customers are frustrated with your declining service, lack of innovation, or slow adaptation to their needs.

Finally, we want you to know the most important way in which we’re different from other consulting firms.

Our identity/strategy model is built around an obvious but neglected truth – people are different.

More specifically we are cognitively different, and we have different ways of finding meaning in our work.  

There are other ways in which we differ from other consultants, but this is our “signature” – central to our DNA.  It’s what we weave into everything that we do.

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“Ensuring that all perspectives were included enhanced the credibility of the final product and allowed it to be the great product that it is.”

How Personal Strengths Connect to Organizational Identity and Strategy

How do companies achieve their full potential? Why do so many find it difficult to do so? These are the two main issues addressed in Uncommon Sense: One CEO’s Tale of Getting in Sync, a book written by Andy Kanefield and Mark Powers of Dialect. Read More