Culture Change

How do we help you identify and reinforce the behaviors critical to your success?

If culture truly does “eat strategy for lunch,” then helping your employees live in alignment with your core behaviors is essential to your success. We have a proven track record of helping leaders identify and reinforce the behaviors that are aligned with your strategic advantage and other aspects of your identity.

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“We were a culture that was reluctant to change or think about growth and what the possibilities could be for the company. This work has helped our culture become much stronger. It’s healthy for any culture to recognize shortcomings and work to improve. Building the Ventura Edge has done that for us.”

Chris Furman, President and CEO, Ventura Foods

How do we help you get everyone on the same page?


to you, your employees, and your customers


the implications of what we hear


your identity and strategy


your identity and strategy


your identity and strategy into a Master Action Plan


you in how to keep the momentum going