Case Study: Hussmann Corporation

Communicating an expanded value proposition.

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The Hussmann Promise drives every decision we make, and it’s given every employee a linkage between their role, our customers and our mission.

Tim Figge, CEO

Hussmann Corporation (Hussmann), from its founding, has been an industry leader. Founded in 1906, the company patented the first meat display case, created the first frozen food case, and developed the first self-service display cases for meat, dairy, and produce.

The Opportunity

In 2016 Hussmann was experiencing a transition to a new CEO, a new owner (Panasonic Group), and a rapidly changing food retail landscape with the internet of things (IoT) affecting all aspects of the traditional retail environment. Wanting to continue its history of innovation that meets customer needs, Hussmann hired Dialect to lead it in a process of identifying the value it wants to create for customers, its sustainable competitive advantage, how the value can be delivered, and a future that employees want to create together.

The Action

Using its comprehensive strategy model, Dialect led a process of discovery (discussion groups, interviews, etc…) with the Hussmann Leadership Team (HLT), Directors, and Managers that built on its historical strengths while identifying the strengths needed in the future. A draft Hussmann identity was created and shared with employees to get additional input. The end result was an identity that focused on customers and their businesses by:

  • helping customers build their businesses through better and broader customer conversations
  • emphasizing and strengthening the ability to provide comprehensive solutions to business problems – not just products
  • becoming a more strategic partner

The identity, The Hussmann Promise, also outlined the behaviors necessary to deliver on the value promised and was congruent with the Panasonic brand.

The Result

How did Hussmann benefit from this work? Here’s what leaders said one year after introducing The Hussmann Promise to the organization:

  • We’re better aligned; we’re marching to the same drum.
  • The Promise is simpler and expressed in relatable,
    common language.
  • It’s helped us have a greater focus on the customer.

Scott Mannis, SVP of HR observed, ”We’re more aligned. It’s given us something to point to that reminds us we’re about solutions not just products.”

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